Level Past Versions
Level 1
Level1 v2
Episode Pepperfield Place
Level type Order levels
Moves Infinite
Target score 500
Difficulty None
Colours 6
Spaces 24
Blockers None
Other features Orange pepper grow2
Previous Next
Order levels
None 2

Level 1 is the first level in Pepperfield Place and the 1st order level in Pepper Panic Saga. To pass this level, you must collect 1 exploding green pepper and score at least 500 points in infinite moves or fewer.

Difficulty Edit

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Stars Edit

Points 500 1,200 4,000
Difficulty None Very Easy Very Easy

Orders Edit

  • 1 exploding green pepper.

Strategy Edit

  • Just follow the tutorial.

Gallery Edit

Level 1 Intro

Walkthrough Edit

  • There are currently no video in the current version.
Pepper Panic Saga Level 1

Pepper Panic Saga Level 1

First version

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