Level Past Versions
Level 194
Level194 v2
Episode Torch-Lit Trail
Level type Pattern levels
Patterns 20
Moves 18
Target score 52,000
Difficulty Somewhat Hard
Colours 5
Spaces 70
Blockers Ice1  Ice2
Other features Mr. Claws
Previous Next
Statue3 Statue3
193 195

Level 194 is the fourth level in Torch-Lit Trail and the pattern level in Pepper Panic Saga. To pass this level, you must collect 20 patterns and score at least 52,000 points in 18 moves or fewer.

Difficulty Edit

  • Most red peppers are frozen.
  • It is hard to unfreeze red peppers due of Mister Claws and no more red peppers are spawn at early.

Stars Edit

Points 52,000 330,000 387,000
Difficulty Somewhat Easy Somewhat Hard Hard

Patterns Edit

Remaning patterns Patterns
20 3 red peppers
19 3 red peppers
18 3 red peppers
17 3 red peppers
16 3 red peppers
15 3 red peppers
14 3 red peppers
13 3 red peppers
12 3 red peppers
11 3 red peppers
10 3 red peppers
9 3 red peppers
8 3 red peppers
7 3 red peppers
6 3 red peppers
5 3 red peppers
4 3 red peppers
3 3 red peppers
2 3 red peppers
1 3 red peppers

Strategy Edit

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Element notes Edit

Spawn rate Edit

Items Spawn rate
Red peppers 1/4
Yellow peppers 1/4
Blue peppers 1/4
Green peppers 1/8
Purple peppers 1/8

Maximum numbers per pepper's colors Edit

Items Maximum numbers on screen
Red peppers 26

Walkthrough Edit

Pepper Panic Saga - Level 194

Pepper Panic Saga - Level 194

Current version

Pepper Panic Saga Level 194 No Boosters

Pepper Panic Saga Level 194 No Boosters

First version

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